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Breast enlargement

Breast has always been the symbol of feminity, and plays an important role in the life of women. Lots of women find their breast too small, assymetric, others just want to have a more voluminous breast. There are a whole bunch of reasons…  Breast augmentation is a surgery that has been created to enhance the breast size and shape by using implants.
Over the past years, breast surgery has made important progress, mammary implants are silicone gel-filled, i.e. flexible and with no leaking risks. 
The design of the most recent implants is teardrop shaped (anatomical), because they offer more natural-looking results.
Nowadays, breast augmentation gives excellent results and is one of the most common and safe surgery.
The first consultation with your plastic surgeon is meant to give you a maximum of information about the size, the shape and the type of implants…
This dialogue will enable you to take a considered decision.


The surgery lasts about 1h30 and is performed under local anaesthesia (combined with sedation) or general anaesthesia.
The implant is placed behind the mammary gland or under the chest muscle. In this way, the mammary gland will remain in front of the implant, and will easily be accessible in case that it should be examined. To place the implant, an incision will be made in the peak of the underarm or at the edge of the areola or underneath the mammary. If drains were to be used, these will be removed on the next day.

After surgery, you have to wear a surgical bra during 4 weeks. Any activity that involves lifting, bending, or straining should be avoided during 1 month. Patient can return to home on the same day or on the next day.
In the beginning, your breast might be swollen and contracted and you may experience breast pain for as much as 1 week. Breast contraction however might last for 1 month. The result is impressive and immediately visible. Patients are happy about their new bra cup.

A few months after breast augmentation surgery, scars have nearly disappearedbecauseof the incisions localisation.

Breast-feeding is allowed after the surgery. However, pregnancy should be avoided during 6 months following the surgery. Capsule formation is a normal reaction to any surgery. Some women can experience contractions, commonly known as capsule
contraction. This condition is now reduced to 2% thanks to the innovative type of implants.

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