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Blepharoplasty/Eyelid surgery

With aging, eyelids have sagged, which gives you tired and droopy eyes.                   

Eyelid surgery (also referred to as blepharoplasty) removes fat deposit in the bags under the eyes, in order to recreate a smooth and youth-full looking face without changing the look. The removal of excess skin can reduce the impression of weight under the eyes.

The incision is made in a natural wrinkle below the eyelashes, making it less scarring and in some cases the scars are completely dissimulated in the lower eyelids.  Through this performance, excess skin and fat deposit are removed. 
The surgery is performed under local anaesthesia combined with sedation and lasts about 45 minutes. Patients can return home quite soon after surgery.

After surgery, you are advised to use iced eye pads in order to reduce swelling, the eyes might tear, and dryness, irritation and eyelid sagging might occur. Very small nodules might appear around the incision area. Don’t worry. These symptoms will disappear within ten days. Nevertheless, you will be advised to wear dark glasses.

Usually, the face recovers its usual aspect two or three weeks after surgery and patients can retake their normal life.
You will look 5 to 7 years younger and you will maintain this younger appearance forever.
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