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Abdominoplasty/Tummy tuck

A pro-eminent abdominal area might be a complex for many people, women and men alike.

The causes therefore are numerous: it might be the result of excess fatty tissue, weak abdominal muscles, one or more pregnancies or extended skin as a result of various factors.

The best candidates for this kind of performance are patients who have achieved their ideal weight.

Tummy tuck is performed through 3 possible methods:

Liposculpture is ideal and sufficient when the skin is firm but there is a fat deposit between the skin and muscles. 

Mini tummy tuck
is performed when a small amount of abdominal excess has to be removed. A small incision in de lower part of the tummy and the excess of skin and fatty tissues is removed. Mini tummy tuck is less invasive, which enable you to return to home on the same day. The scar is similar to a cesarean section and is easily dissimulated under the bikini. After surgery, you are advised to wear a panty during 4 weeks.

Abdominoplasty is performed for weakened muscles with skin excess. Usually, this procedure is performed under general anaesthesia. An incision around the navel area and the pubic hairline is necessary, the length of the incision is more important. Excess skin is removed and weakened muscles are repaired and permanently sutured.  Excess skin and fatty tissues are removed. The scar is bigger and will remain longer.  If small drains were used, these will be removed on the next day. Sutures are removed after a week or two. You will be required to wear a special garment to support your abdomen during a few weeks. Usually, patients can resume their social life after a week or two. 

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