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Neck lift tightens the underlying tissues for persons who have drooping muscles and excess of skin.

The surgery is performed under local anaesthesia in conjunction with sedation, and lasts about one hour and a half.

First, the surgeon proceeds with a neck liposuction, then he fixes the tin neck muscle (platysma) around the ear and he removes skin excess. 

Finally, the skin is redraped in order to allow the patients to achieve a slimmer and more youthful appearance.

This performance is very similar to a face lift, the difference lies in the to be treated area, which is the neck, not the face. Hence, both surgeries can be combined.
Patients can return home on the same day after surgery. If drains were used, these will be removed on the next day.

After surgery, you are advised to wear a flexible bandage during 7 days. The oedema and ecchymosis will soon disappear and patients can usually go back to work after a week. Scars are barely visible due to their localisation (behind the ears).

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