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Liposculpture (liposuction)

Liposculpting as its name indicates, reshapes the body, every part of the body can be treated, it’s one of the most commonly performed procedures in plastic surgery because its results are simply exceptional and ever-lasting.  It’s an effective surgery eliminating excessive fat where you want and restores the harmony of your body. Most of us have this part of our body that we would like to get rid of, such as the hips, stomach, the riding breech… where the body remains unresponsive to the most stringent diets and gym routines, liposculpting gives immediate and spectacular results.


CLINICA AESTHETICA uses the « tumescent method ». This method gives the most aesthetic results.
This surgery is performed only by local anaesthesia combined with a sedation, which provides increased pain relief.
The procedure consists of the infiltration of an anaesthetic solution into the to be treated area.  Then small incisions (3-4mm large) are made, in which the cosmetic surgeon inserts a saline solution and a local anaesthetic solution.
The surgeon uses a microcannula connected to a suction pump and changes the direction and angle of the cannula with precise to and fro movements. As a result, the fat is regularly and evenly removed.
The procedure lasts about 1 to 3 hours, depending on the number of fatty areas to be removed.

After surgery, you have to wear a panty during 4 weeks, from which the 2 first weeks day and night, and only over the day for the last 2 weeks. .
A few hours after surgery, you are allowed to go home.
Post-operative pain vary from person to person, some persons suffer aching and ecchymosis but will disappear after a few days.
The results are immediate after the surgery, but after a few hours, a post-operative oedema will appear (this is a normal reaction after a surgery) and will disappear at 80% 4 weeks later, and will fully dissipate after 1 month. We recommend you to continue to control your weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, in order to maintain the results.

The scars are merely a few millimetres large and are generally in the ripples of the skin and will fully disappear with time.
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