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Breast uplift

Pregnancy, breast-feeding, excessive weight loss or aging are potential causes of breasts sag and drooping nipples.
Breastlift, « mastopexy or redraping » is a plastic surgery that affixes the breast in a more elevated position, and relocates the nipple in a higher and more normal position and excess skin is trimmed.
When slightly sagged breasts or « light ptosis », the surgeon will perform a circular incision “peri-areola” around the areola. A severe ptosis, however, requires two additional incisions: a vertical incision toward the underside of the nipple and a curved incision along the breast crease, both in a reverse ‘T’ structure.

Lifting with implants:

Women with sagging and small breasts can combine both breast lift and breast augmentation by using an implant to give the relocated breast more volume in the upper part.

After surgery, you have to wear a surgical bra during 4 weeks day and night.  You should avoid any kind of physical activity and you should not lift any heavy objects during 1 month. Patients can return to home the same day or on the next day.  If drains were used, they will be removed on the next day.

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