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Mini facelift or Softlift is a smoother surgery than standard facelift. This sophisticated approach gives optimal results and is one of the least invasive surgeries, a smaller number of scars and less swelling.

The results are particularly visible in the median and upper part of the face, and the folds of the nose are naturally attenuated and the shape of the face is restored. The S-lift is a less invasive surgery than traditional Face lift but effective.

The surgery is performed in 2 hours and through local anaesthesia combined with sedation. An incision is made above the ear and dissimulated in the hair, continuing around the ear area and ends in a natural wrinkle where the scar is hided. The skin is lifted and excess is trimmed. 
Patients usually can return home shortly after the procedure. If drains were used, these will be removed on the next day.

After surgery, the patient should wear a bandage during 5 to 7 days, possible oedema and ecchymosis will disappear quickly and patients can return to work after 10 to 15 days. 

Even if you look 5 to 10 years younger, the aging process will continue. In order to maintain your rejuvenating aspect, you should have minor treatments 2 years after the initial procedure. This will help slow down the aging process.

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