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Fortunately, plastic surgery is no longer limited to upper class or celebrities. Nowadays, everybody has the right to perform plastic surgery in the best conditions for an affordable tariff.
In the UK, plastic surgery has achieved a significant success but the main problem remains its way-too-high prices!
To most, an important obstacle for plastic surgery remains its cost.
But thanks to the new concept launched by CLINICA AESTHETICA, lots of people come to Belgium to realize their dreams at an affordable price!
Make your dreams come true in the best conditions:  
Tariffs in Belgium are amongst the most competitive.
Belgium applies amongst the most strict hygiene and security standards.
Our staff is exclusively composed by qualified and from high school certified professionals.

In order to enjoy all the benefits of Clinica Aesthetica without too much back-and-forwards,  and with a 50% reduction compared to tariffs in the UK.

CLINICA AESTHETICA have two clinics :
The first one is located in London, designed for a first advice and for postoperative cares, and the other one is located in Brussels, where the surgery will be performed for a short period of time (a few hours).

From £59 for a round-trip, Brussels – London is only 1h50 with the EUROSTAR

If you want to gain self-confidence, let your beauty shine and catch the admiration of others, do not hesitate to call us, our surgeons look forward to meeting you for a first consultation, either in the UK or in Belgium.

Why choose Clinica Aesthetica ?

The group CLINICA AESTHETICA offers professionalism, a high qualified and performing medical staff.

More than 20 years experience working with the patients.

All our plastic surgeons are registered at the medical board.

Our plastic surgeons attend international seminars on aesthetic surgery in order to be always on the top of high-tech equipment.

CLINICA AESTHETICA complies with ALL the Belgian standards on hygiene, which are amongst the most radical in the world. 

All our staff is certified by organisms accredited by the Belgian state.

We only accept healthy patients, which reduces the risk of "nosocomial infections" and suppresses the risk of more commonly named "hospital-acquired infections".

The surgery takes place at the day hospital, which prevents you from an extended absence.

Most of the big cities are at only few hours distance from Brussels, and most of these are provided by Low Cost companies.

Our tariffs are accessible, half so cheap and using high standing equipments.

CLINICA AESTHETICA team is multilingual.


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