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Nose reshaping

No doubt that rhinoplasty (nose job) is the most sophisticated surgery but also the most popular amongst aesthetic surgery. The nose is a hollow structure. The surgeon has to change the shape of the nose without touching its supports and its respiratory function. Nose reshaping consists of the removal of cartilage and the sculpting of bone excess to create the desired shape and profile.

It’s extremely important to discuss in detail your expectations with your rhinoplasty surgeon and it’s important that these expectations be perfectly aligned with what is technically and aesthetically possible.

Nose job is performed under sedation or general anaesthesia and lasts generally one or two hours.

Very small incisions are made and a minimum of surgery is performed in order to get a maximum of results with as less as possible swelling side effects.

The scars are dissimulated inside the nose. If the size of the nose has to be decreased, an extremely small incision will be made at the bottom of each nostril. If the size of the nose has to be increased, synthetic implants similar to a sponge might be used if necessary to improve the nose reshaping results. 

After surgery, compresses might be used to avoid bleeding and a small splint covers the nose after surgery. 

The compresses will be removed on the next day and the splint a week after. Most ecchymosis and swelling around the eyes disappear after a week. The results of the nose job will continue improve and will be fully visible after a year. Hence, do not think that the final result will be noticeable right after surgery and removal of the splint. Don’t worry because your nose will continue change during a few months after surgery.

Patients will be able to return to work approximately one week after rhinoplasty surgery. Teeth hebetude and a light nose obstruction might appear during a few weeks after surgery.  

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