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Aesthetic surgery is more and more frequent nowadays. Over the last fifteen years, aesthetic surgery has experienced an unbelievable booming. Every year, thousands of women and men make use of it to achieve their appearance goals.
A more attractive breast, pulpy lips, a flat stomach or a perfect nose…
An increasing number of persons are looking for a “customised beauty ".

Nowadays, physical appearance plays an important role in social and professional life.
In 1993, two economists demonstrated «that beauty is a basic material, a product with a countable value. Attractive persons earn more money.
With an appealing appearance you earn an additional 5 % per hour, wile a person with a normal appearance suffers a loss of 7%. No matter what kind of work, if you are in Hollywood or if you work as a manual worker, if you are a good looking person, you earn more money. »

But aesthetic surgery is not exclusively about beauty, it’s also a psychological support, it represents the harmony between the body and the spirit. The group CLINICA AESTHETICA understands this. Our surgeons act as eyes and ears: ears to hear your wishes and true expectations, and eyes to target the exact workingspots that will make of you the woman or man of your dreams.
Our surgeons are amongst the most highly trained specialized plastic surgeons, and use the most reliable and innovative specialised equipment in aesthetic surgery.
According to CLINICA AESTHETICA, your beauty and wellbeing, which are the essence of happiness, are the most important aspects. 

Life without complexes, improve your self-confidence and self-perception, is not only a matter of how others perceive you, but above all how you feel about yourself... Make sure your mirror reflects beauty…your beauty.
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